Royal Trisara 6 Hand Massage

Dear Guests! 3 Therapists, 6 Hands, 90 minutes. A unique combination of Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish massage and Acupressure. This is a soft-to-medium massage for the mind, body and soul. The Royal Trisara begins with a wonderful foot scrub using the finest lemongrass essential oil and organic sea salt. Following this, the guest lays face down whilst 6 hands are gently placed on the back settling the body’s energy. A gentle Thai massage starts at both feet and the shoulders, all hands working with perfect synchronicity. Thai herbal hot compresses are then applied to specific parts of the body easing away stress and tension. The treatment is finished with warm organic coconut oil slowly poured on the forehead in the Shirodhara style whilst the therapist gently wipes it back into the hair. *For more information please contact our hotel Best wishes, hotel Trisara

January 21, 2015