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A hotline is a line of messages from a hotel. Special offers and press releases are published on TopHotels pages and on websites participating in the network.

Focus your publications
on the target audience
Gather a group of loyal users,
create an image and a rating
Get 5 000 000 TopHotels visitors
and 50 000 subscribers for a mailing
Find out more about the local users
community, which is using the subscription


The hotline provides you with a private cabinet, united with other projects of the HotelsPassport group, a user manual and a growing database of recommendations, a service of translating publications, an option of editing messages after they were published.


  • All messages are checked by moderators, who work on making the publications as efficient as possible.
  • Targeting system allows you to focus the publication on the target audience and specify the type (special offer, press release etc.)
  • The subscription allows tourists to be permanently in touch with the news, receiving them in the most convenient way


  • With the hotline you will always be in touch with all latest innovations in the field of attracting tourists. The subscription for competitors messages will help you to adjust the development strategies of your own business
  • Direct communication with tourists is a unique opportunity. You can gather a group of subscribers and monitor the messages which attract the greatest interest.

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